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It's a WRAP


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meet the designer

“Its ok to cry, because we don’t know the sweat, from the tears".

- Melba Johnson

Melba Johnson, is a 38 year practictioner of the Hot Yoga series. In addition she has taught as a senior teacher for the last 16 years in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas, as well as privates one on one. Trained initially in the Bikram Yoga Series, the Core Power Yoga, Ana Forrest and Yoga Works/UZIT.


With the various Yoga training under her belt, she understands that yoga is designed for different bodies, needs and mental support. Finding the right teacher, right class, and sometimes location, can be enough to sway a a first timer to stay, explore and be open to the possibilities.


More than half her life has been spent in a yoga room, from healing of injuries and surgeries, unrelated to yoga to just the peace of mind of finding a home to leave the stuff that no longer serves her on the Mat. Which is how she came to create her instagram called “Its a Wrap by Melba”. Designed and written to remind us of how we learn, grow, release, surrender and laugh at ourselves. Because it not that serious. One of my favorite lines as a teacher is, “its ok to cry, because we don’t know the sweat, from the tears".

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